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Fix the broken APF package on Debian/Ubuntu

The Debian / Ubuntu package for Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) seems a bit unmaintained. By default it won’t run without some initial tweaking. Note that they probably want everyone to just download and run the installer from their site nowadays, but that’s not how I roll (usually). [crayon-5eab10d7e1ca0404418273/] In functions.apf, change the line [crayon-5eab10d7e1ca7639213900/] to

sort -u versus sort | uniq

I just ran into an interesting situation with sort -u. I had generated a couple files with md5sum and they had a lot of equal lines in them. So I thought I would create a merged version.

Quick Linux ACL

I wanted a directory and everything under it to always get the same owner, group and mode, regardless of who created the files. Access Control Lists to the rescue. [crayon-5eab10d7e1e7c126660647/] I had to apt-get install acl to get the setfacl command. I’m not exactly clear on why I repeat two regular ACLs with the “d:”

Raspberry Pi SSH cipher speed

I was curious to see how quickly I could transfer files to my Pi using SSH rather than FTP. Obviously using FTP is way faster than almost any other method, but still I wanted to see how fast I could transfer data over SSH. Here’s the time it took to transfer a 50 MB file

Enable X11 Forwarding on Raspberry Pi

The usual suspects failed me last night when the $DISPLAY environment variable wasn’t being set after I logged in via SSH to my Pi. The usual suspects being to make sure that the X11 forwarding options were turned on in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server and in ssh_config on the client, or to use the command