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Moving Evernote notes into WordPress

proprietary insecurity I’ve accumulated many notes (2000+) in Evernote over the years, and love that it can store binary attachments such as images or other media files. My favorite feature is the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension; it does a fantastic job at saving the parts of an article I want to save while keeping

The FCC is clueless

This. Here’s the kicker: …but perhaps the most fundamental is a simple misconception, one that persists in the work of the FCC but also of proponents and opponents of network neutrality. It is the false distinction between what they call “edge providers” (YouTube) and “end users” (people who watch videos on YouTube). I really wish

Google Now Needlessly Requires Battery-Draining Location Settings

I think Google Now on my Android is pretty cool. I especially like the cards that show how traffic looks for an expected commute. One thing about it that bothers me a lot however, is that it insists that it needs either “high accuracy” or “battery saving” location mode enabled. High Accuracy mode uses GPS,

Overturn ECPA Now

UPDATE: We made it! As of right now, there are 105,628 signatures on the petition. Thank you! Can’t wait to hear what the white house says on this. Please sign this petition! I’m having trouble believing that it’s taken this long for people to take a minute to sign it. Is the level of apathy

Lexical Warfare and Crime

I’ve written about how language can be used to control the debate in politics before. I’ve also posted before about a complete and total prosecutorial overreaction to Aaron Swartz publishing of the JSTOR documents. It seems they’re not totally disconnected ideas.

DRM and Visual Impairment

I was happy to discover Rupert Goodwin’s blog today, thanks to Cory’s post on BB about the terrible situation that the visually-impaired have with DRM on ebooks. I’d say that for at least the next 25 years or so, our best bet is on improved machine assistance rather than a biological solution, so things such

Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC

Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC. Please help the courts force the TSA to consider public comments on full body scanners. Year ago, EPIC sued the TSA over full body scanners (I was one of the plantiffs), demanding that they follow their own rules and ask for public comment. The court agreed,