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Why Google+ (and every other centralized social network) Will Fail

Not that everyone hasn’t already predicted the demise of Google+, but I still feel the need to express why I think G+ was the wrong move. Note that I’m not predicting that “Facebook will win!” (Win what, exactly?) Where Google went completely myopic was ripping out the share function of Reader. Yeah, I know what

Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC

Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC. Please help the courts force the TSA to consider public comments on full body scanners. Year ago, EPIC sued the TSA over full body scanners (I was one of the plantiffs), demanding that they follow their own rules and ask for public comment. The court agreed,

Calgon, take me away!

So I need to make the following happen, and soon: Drupal6 -> view -> style -> jsonp service. Everything seems in place other than getting a style applied. Guess I’ll have to hit the books.

Debate on the Existence of God

I finished watching this debate on Open Culture last night. It was rather long. Also disappointing is that they did not stick to a more formal debate style, or just each take turns talking. Craig’s arguments are rigidly the former, where Hitchens adopts more the latter style. In either setting, the moderator needs to enforce


Lit. Kind of cool design concept for a new type of bulb. If only they can get decent color out of it, I bet it will be a hit.

New XKCD “What if?” site

I really like reading XKCD, and now Randall’s added a new site called What-if where he thinks about some of the offhand things people email him about and selects one or two to explore.

Frist Prost, Bitches!

Or, nevermind the fact that I’m the only one who posts here. Here’s a collection of funny text I keep around for posterity. from note: “Stallan” should be “Stallman” fact according to Stallan (Score:2) by intermodal (534361) on Monday March 03, @01:08AM (#5422374) ( | Last Journal: Wednesday February 19, @11:09AM) In SOVIET RUSSIA,