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Just a little panicked

I nearly lost data permanently last night while trying to merge master and dev branches in my web server’s document root. Thankfully I had a not-so-recent backup that included all the uploaded media that I’d intentionally excluded from the git repo. Seems all is well now, but like every technology, Git is both wonderful and

Football is dead to me

Being a fan of the New England Patriots isn’t always easy. That’s an understatement. Not like how habitually losing teams never seem to build enough expectation to let down their fans to a significant degree, the Pats like to really show how great they are before pulling the rug out from under you. The shared

Term Limits

I am aware that at least some term limits on political offices are mandated by the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like spouting off about some injustices that I feel are detrimental to our political processes. First, I think that any elected official should only be given a single term. Crazy, right?

We Won!

Finally, the politicking is over. Yes, I know this post is absurdly late, but in a few tight races, they’ve only just recently finished recounts and whatnot, without any surprises. In my post on the Capillary Man, I echoed the assertion that Obama winning a second term was actually a far more significant measure of

The False Promise of Having Multiple Candidates

People say that we need to have more folks appear on ballots to make elections fairer and get the right person elected. That’s all fine and good, and I’m 100% behind this effort to break out of a two-party system that is so inured in our culture. There’s only one problem: You can only pick

The Green Elephant

The missus and I went out to dinner tonight with our very good friends to the Green Elephant restaurant, across from the State Theater. I must confess I am usually apprehensive about places that are exclusively veg / vegan, but tonight everything we tried was right on the money. Great food, great company and fantastic