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obvious liberal bias in the media

Anything stand out about these headlines to you? It certainly does to me. I hope whomever made this default news & weather app for Cyanogenmod doesn’t take their marching orders from Murdoch / Fox / Beck.  

17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier

I don’t normally think of myself as a reblogger of lists, but I am genuinely impressed by a few of these. 17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier – Aimless Direction โ€” Aimless Direction. There are so many ant colonies surrounding our house, that at least one has resorted to sending scouting missions into our

Fans Are Cool

When I was young, I thought what a useful tool a fan was. I can point a fan at myself, and it cools me. One night, I had a bowl of ice cream. Having to leave the bowl for a few minutes on a hot night, a brilliant idea occurred to me: I can point

Sumatra: Green Mountain Bad, Starbucks Good

Something reminded me today of my disdain for Green Mountain coffee. You see, a while back I tried a Sumatran blend of coffee, I think from Rosemont Market down the road, and fell in love. But since we’ve gotten a Keurig, I wanted to order some k-cups online. (I certainly don’t blame Rosemont for not