something wicked this way comes

When I ping fujipi, it reports the correct IP – it’s in my hosts file! For the record, the host key should not have changed.

Turns out, there was no foul play going on. It was a bug in VirtualBox, Mavericks network stack, my router, or some combination thereof. Strangely, running a Linux VM in VBox caused an attempt to ssh to an actual Linux system elsewhere on my netowrk to instead be directed to the VM.

After checking some current status data on the router, it looked like my Movericks host was trying to assume the same IP as the physical Linux system. Then I remembered that an SSH connection was abruptly disconnected from my VM to an outside box. Something about VirtualBox’s bridged interface for a Linux VM caused it to try to take an unavailable IP on my local network.

After I shutdown the VM, I could then SSH normally to the local Linux box.

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