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Google Now Needlessly Requires Battery-Draining Location Settings

I think Google Now on my Android is pretty cool. I especially like the cards that show how traffic looks for an expected commute. One thing about it that bothers me a lot however, is that it insists that it needs either “high accuracy” or “battery saving” location mode enabled. High Accuracy mode uses GPS,

Google’s Octane 2 Scores

Google released version 2.0 of their Octane browser / js benchmark. I decided to run it against my installed browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome. IE is missing here since I’m running a Mac. Here are the results for the browsers on my machine (higher score is better):

Why Google+ (and every other centralized social network) Will Fail

Not that everyone hasn’t already predicted the demise of Google+, but I still feel the need to express why I think G+ was the wrong move. Note that I’m not predicting that “Facebook will win!” (Win what, exactly?) Where Google went completely myopic was ripping out the share function of Reader. Yeah, I know what