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Allowing bookmarklets to work while NoScript is enabled

The NoScript extension is fantastic at enhancing one’s security while browsing. Sure, it’s a bit of pain to get used to needing to allow scripts for new websites visited (temporarily or permanently). But I wanted to use bookmarklets to post selected stuff in my Dokuwiki with the dokubookmark plugin. The problem was, every time I

Fix Bad Firefox URL Suggestions

Firefox URL suggestions are usually very helpful and a real time-saver. But I’ve been rather annoyed for quite a while at some of the suggestions that Firefox proposes while auto-filling the URL bar. There is one case in particular that never made sense to me.

Google’s Octane 2 Scores

Google released version 2.0 of their Octane browser / js benchmark. I decided to run it against my installed browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome. IE is missing here since I’m running a Mac. Here are the results for the browsers on my machine (higher score is better):