My Little Shoopy

Busted out a little Photoslop [sic] today. I’m sure there’s an easier way than how I approached it but I’m still happy with the results.

postcard before

postcard after

I can’t believe I just put these in a <table> to show them side-by-side. FML.

Sumatra: Green Mountain Bad, Starbucks Good

Something reminded me today of my disdain for Green Mountain coffee.

You see, a while back I tried a Sumatran blend of coffee, I think from Rosemont Market down the road, and fell in love. But since we’ve gotten a Keurig, I wanted to order some k-cups online. (I certainly don’t blame Rosemont for not stocking k-cups. Everyone knows that they are not ecologically friendly to say the least, although they do help prevent wasted water and electricity.) Continue reading “Sumatra: Green Mountain Bad, Starbucks Good”

Frist Prost, Bitches!

Or, nevermind the fact that I’m the only one who posts here.

Here’s a collection of funny text I keep around for posterity.

note: “Stallan” should be “Stallman”

fact according to Stallan (Score:2)
by intermodal (534361) on Monday March 03, @01:08AM (#5422374) ( | Last Journal: Wednesday February 19, @11:09AM)

In SOVIET RUSSIA, Josef Stalin misspells YUO!

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