Allowing bookmarklets to work while NoScript is enabled

The NoScript extension is fantastic at enhancing one’s security while browsing. Sure, it’s a bit of pain to get used to needing to allow scripts for new websites visited (temporarily or permanently). But I wanted to use bookmarklets to post selected stuff in my Dokuwiki with the dokubookmark plugin.

The problem was, every time I hit the bookmarklet, The window popped up but instead of content, I got an error from NoScript saying that ABE had prevented the request. I wish I had looked at the message a little closer to begin with, because it was telling me the problem from the start. Specifically, what I’d missed at first was that it actually reports the rule that caused the failure. filtered by ABE: <LOCAL> Deny I had already tried adding rules to allow GET to my Dokuwiki instance, but I missed that ABE failed on the same rule (LOCAL) each time.

Finally, I smacked my forehead and put my rule above the LOCAL entry in the NoScript config, and all was well in the world again. Here is my rule:

You’ll most likely need to add an exclusion in XSS config as well.

Tunnelblick disconnect fails to remove route

Tunnelblick is an awesome OpenVPN client, which I have been using a lot lately on my Mac. I had a problem where it would connect the first time just fine, but then would never reconnect; it would seem to hang while trying to handshake with the server. I could get it to work again if I rebooted my machine, but that’s powerfully inconvenient.

TL;DR temporary fix:
On disconnect, Tunnelblick fails to remove a static route it used while active. I created a script that I run after disconnecting which drops the static route. It basically just does this:

The 192 address makes an assumption that you didn’t customize that part of the config, so YMMV.