Term Limits

I am aware that at least some term limits on political offices are mandated by the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like spouting off about some injustices that I feel are detrimental to our political processes.

First, I think that any elected official should only be given a single term. Crazy, right? The pandering and playing at centrism isn’t doing the electorate any favors, yet that’s exactly what so many in office do solely because they know there’s an election down the road and they don’t want to lose the money, perks, status, power, whatever. Take those distractions away, I say. Force folks to act more on their conscience by replacing their ambitions with the certitude that they won’t be in office once the term is over (and I’m not saying they can’t re-run, but it will have to wait until the term after next). The existing two-year terms for congressional representatives is probably too short in this scheme, so I would recommend extending it. Continue reading “Term Limits”

We Won!

Finally, the politicking is over. Yes, I know this post is absurdly late, but in a few tight races, they’ve only just recently finished recounts and whatnot, without any surprises.

In my post on the Capillary Man, I echoed the assertion that Obama winning a second term was actually a far more significant measure of the integrity of the country than winning the presidency initially. In terms of the electoral college, his win was solid, but the popular vote was close. Luckily, the numbers showing the large percentage of whites that voted for Romney won’t be as much of an issue in the next election, since the country as a whole is becoming increasing less caucasian.  Continue reading “We Won!”