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MemcacheD is your friend

MemcacheD Is Your Friend is an object caching plugin for WordPress that offers faster access to cached objects, especially if your database happens to reside on a different host. The problem this time around is that it scopes some of its members as private, and as a result, is incompatible with some plugins. I’ve run

Moving Evernote notes into WordPress

proprietary insecurity I’ve accumulated many notes (2000+) in Evernote over the years, and love that it can store binary attachments such as images or other media files. My favorite feature is the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension; it does a fantastic job at saving the parts of an article I want to save while keeping

WordPress performance problem with many posts

If you have a ton of posts in your WordPress blog (we have over 35K in one site at work), it turns out that the Previous and Next links on each post may be running a tough query on your database. I wanted to know why MySQL was using so much CPU and wrongly assumed

Scripted WordPress Upgrades

This command line interface for administering WordPress is called wp-cli. It’s pretty great. I wrote a script to run from cron for updating a bunch of different WP installs in the same directory. [crayon-64cebbf3b3a2d424943034/]

enabled SSL/TLS on devolve

Big thanks to StartSSL for getting me set up with a signed certificate. Their FAQ on configuring with openssl and nginx worked like a charm. I even got a handy email from them after I thought I was done, telling me that I needed to concatenate the certificate they gave me with a sub cert