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Keep getting logged out from Selfoss on Debian

I’m running Selfoss RSS reader and loving it! One thing I don’t love is that it logs me out frequently (BTW, I’m running Apache php-fpm on Debian Jessie). But I think I found a solution. Try adding this to a file called .user.ini in the document root of Selfoss: [crayon-5eab0f47412c2345388554/] The 604800 means one week.

Self-hosted open source RSS readers

I think I’ve tried pretty much all of them. After the Google Reader-pocalypse, one of the primary requirements was that I could host it myself. Bonus points go to apps that have configurable keyboard navigation (“j” to open the next item must be distinct from “space” to just scroll down in the browser), as well

Commafeed UI tweak

If you’re not using Commafeed, (and really, why aren’t you) and you like web-based feed readers, you should check it out – it’s pretty great. There is one UI flaw that bugged me with the latest commit I grabbed today: the left sidebar with the list of feeds was too wide. Luckily, Commafeed makes it