Potential Future Band Names

Shawshank Mustacheon
Everlasting F*ckstick
Evergobbing Stoplaster
Pernicious Boogie
Hakeem Olajuwon
Polka Dot Purée
Vapid Chandelier
Chew to Screw Yew
Together Again, for the First Time (TAFT)
That Sunset Dissed You
Tectonic Paradigm Shift
Only the Cutest Clues Can
Can You Drive That Manny-Tranny?
Horseshoe Crab Nebulizer
Vociferous Whispers
Sledging Foam
Projectile Earth Tone Rainbow
Irreverent Side-Eye
Laughing Jorts
Tardigrade Hooligan
Felicitous Smorgasbord
Poppin’ an’a Lockin’
Hotdog Bun Horror
Fun Fruit Chortle
Those Spectators Smell Like Cheese
Dragrace on Lard Avenue
Waxing Foot, Waning Mouth
Flinging Darts & Breaking Hearts
Mole Master Stash
Plucky Pluggery
Have I Got A Treat For You!
Super Tsar
Aliens Were Here First
Whiff Draught
Stubborn Log (it won’t flush down)
G.I. Jane Eyre, Extraordinaire
Just Rub Some Reince Priebus On It
Cat Butt Viewership Report
My Beer Is Under The Car
Ineligible Receiver
Fitchburg Psychotropic, LLC
Opium Den Possums
Enchilada Muy Especial
Venerable Veneer
The Orange Menace
T.R. Can Eat A Bag Of Dirty Dicks
Serendipitous Porking
Jail Sure Beats Prison
Wayward Potato Chip
Poopstar Trajectory
Y’all Can Effing Ess My Dee All Night
Dick Udder (Udder of Phallii)
Pyrotechnic Weasels
Toots McGee
Three-Legged Sushi
Hurkathon B’gurkatron
Thick-ass Bacon
Acrimonious Matrimony
A Good, Sturdy Woman
Ingrown Jellybean
Deaf Pedestration