Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC

Schneier on Security: Court Orders TSA to Answer EPIC.

Please help the courts force the TSA to consider public comments on full body scanners.

Year ago, EPIC sued the TSA over full body scanners (I was one of the plantiffs), demanding that they follow their own rules and ask for public comment. The court agreed, and ordered the TSA to do that. In response, the TSA has done nothing. Now, a year later, the court has again ordered the TSA to answer EPIC’s position.

Please sign the petition!

The Green Elephant

The missus and I went out to dinner tonight with our very good friends to the Green Elephant restaurant, across from the State Theater. I must confess I am usually apprehensive about places that are exclusively veg / vegan, but tonight everything we tried was right on the money.

Great food, great company and fantastic conversation catching up with wonderful people. It doesn’t get much better than that.



17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier

I don’t normally think of myself as a reblogger of lists, but I am genuinely impressed by a few of these.

17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier – Aimless Direction — Aimless Direction.

There are so many ant colonies surrounding our house, that at least one has resorted to sending scouting missions into our kitchen on a daily basis. We need to draw the line somewhere. We need #16 from this list: kill ’em with cornmeal. Who knew?

Encrypted Voice Calls

Wow, I’m not sure I’d ever have a need for something like this, but it’s really nice to know it’s there if needed.

RedPhone, our Android application for making secure voice calls, is now available as Free and Open Source Software! As with TextSecure, we hope that making RedPhone OSS will enable access to secure communication for even more people around the world, with an even larger number of developers contributing to make it a great product.

Encrypted voice calls, now open source.


Debate on the Existence of God

I finished watching this debate on Open Culture last night. It was rather long. Also disappointing is that they did not stick to a more formal debate style, or just each take turns talking. Craig’s arguments are rigidly the former, where Hitchens adopts more the latter style. In either setting, the moderator needs to enforce the rules, which he did not. He mostly functioned as a clock referee, and even in that, more just as an MC.

While I did learn some things from this, mostly I think that people just want to sell books. Sorry, hold dearly to their beliefs and sell books.