Debate on the Existence of God

I finished watching this debate on Open Culture last night. It was rather long. Also disappointing is that they did not stick to a more formal debate style, or just each take turns talking. Craig’s arguments are rigidly the former, where Hitchens adopts more the latter style. In either setting, the moderator needs to enforce the rules, which he did not. He mostly functioned as a clock referee, and even in that, more just as an MC.

While I did learn some things from this, mostly I think that people just want to sell books. Sorry, hold dearly to their beliefs and sell books.

My Little Shoopy

Busted out a little Photoslop [sic] today. I’m sure there’s an easier way than how I approached it but I’m still happy with the results.

postcard before

postcard after

I can’t believe I just put these in a <table> to show them side-by-side. FML.

Sumatra: Green Mountain Bad, Starbucks Good

Something reminded me today of my disdain for Green Mountain coffee.

You see, a while back I tried a Sumatran blend of coffee, I think from Rosemont Market down the road, and fell in love. But since we’ve gotten a Keurig, I wanted to order some k-cups online. (I certainly don’t blame Rosemont for not stocking k-cups. Everyone knows that they are not ecologically friendly to say the least, although they do help prevent wasted water and electricity.) Continue reading “Sumatra: Green Mountain Bad, Starbucks Good”

Frist Prost, Bitches!

Or, nevermind the fact that I’m the only one who posts here.

Here’s a collection of funny text I keep around for posterity.

note: “Stallan” should be “Stallman”

fact according to Stallan (Score:2)
by intermodal (534361) on Monday March 03, @01:08AM (#5422374) ( | Last Journal: Wednesday February 19, @11:09AM)

In SOVIET RUSSIA, Josef Stalin misspells YUO!

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